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Fospan Worldwide SL provides first class products and solutions for a sustainable, low energy LED cultivation for the medicinal cannabis industry







Fospan has its roots in The Netherlands. With an experienced research team travelling the world Fospan managed to create indigenous strains after years of research and testing.

Fospan managed to create a diverse cannabis seeds collection with special cannabis strains everybody is craving for.

Fospan provides customers only the best feminized or auto flowering cannabis seeds and continues to be a seedbank that continuously checks the quality, genetics, effects and health of its cannabis seeds. Fospan continuously tests quality and germination rates of all strains to ensure customers are continuously provided with the best possible cannabis seeds on the market.


One of the major Fospan seed brands is well known and highly appreciated in the European market and was recognized with over 20 cannabis cup awards over the past few years.

Cannabis Seeds

It goes without saying that the right substrates form the basis of success for any plant.

Fospan and their partners have done extensive research and testing of a diversity of methods to successfully cultivate cannabis plants

Nowadays a diversity of substrates are used for cannabis production. Apart from traditional soil a variety of alternatives like Rockwool, clay pebbles (Hydroton) coco coir, perlite and vermiculite are used. Aeroponics as substitute for traditional substrates is getting more and more in the news and hydro culture has proven its advantages in nutrient intake and use of additives.


To make the rights choice for substrates for medicinal cannabis cultivation it is indispensable that since it is where the roots will grow. A wrong choice can compromise a job well done. The choice of a substrate or method is therefore one of the most critical and important choices a grower needs to make.


Fospan delivers a variety of tested substrates or methods, depending on the preferences of the customer. Characteristics like root penetration resistance, re-wetting rate, air and moisture characteristics and durability and phytoxicity are important. Also climate conditions and practical issues in cultivating, cost of equipment and/or labor, play a role in the decision making process that should support the ultimate goal to grow plants.


Fospan has a selections of Nutrients to offer, based on practical experience and suitable for a variety of substrates.

Cannabis plants needs a main group macronutrients, the essential elements for growth. Apart from non-mineral elements like Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, there are mineral nutrients which plants obtain from the soil of substrate used or added to hydro culture or Aeroponics systems.


The basic minerals are: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur.


Although cannabis is a plant like any other and nutrient requirements are very similar, there is a difference. It takes knowledge and experience to understand when and how cannabis plants require certain nutrients at different stages of growth.


Fospan, with its network in the horticulture and own experience understands especially organic nutrients and ways to best manage the nutrient input for the different types of methods used in cultivation to maximize health and growth.

Safety is essential in medicinal use of cannabis products. Fospan has experience and knowledge of nutrients, boosters, conditioners and (biological) plant protection products that guarantee the safety in the harvested cannabis

Magnus LED's

Fospan is the exclusive distributor of the Magnus LED’S, specifically developed for cannabis cultivated in greenhouses

One of the exclusive products in the Fospan portfolio are the Magnus LED’s.

The Magnus LED’s are unique and specifically developed for the cannabis industry and offers tailor-made solutions for mothering, cloning, growing, flowering and tissue culture.


For many years Fospan has been involved in perfecting the Magnus LED series. The Magnus LED’s are manufactured by Parus, one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world, with a proven track record of more than 14 years’ experience in the overall horticultural industry.

Magnus has been customizing the LED series together with Parus vast R&D department and combined with years of practical experience this has resulted in the ultimate science-based LED solution specifically for the cannabis industry.

These LED lights are exclusive to Magnus who has provided these LED’s with great success for a number of years.


Download our Magnus Light brochure 2018-19

Download our Magnus Light Manual ML+MW

Download our Magnus Light VPD chart


Fospan offers not only know-how in developing greenhouses but distributes Safe, secured and fully computer controlled containers facilities.

Fospan offers not only know-how in developing greenhouses but distributes Safe, secured and fully computer controlled containers facilities.


Fospan supports customers’ world-wide in their projects. Our knowledge and experience is the basis for offering a variety of expertise services.

Based on our knowledge and experience we are pleased to support our customers’ world-wide in their projects. We offer for example customized and detailed lightning set-ups and design the lay-out of greenhouses in order to optimize professional horticulture.

We take pride in our precise planning to ensure that our customers not only get what they expect, but also get their solutions in time. We provide our customers with the most accurate costs estimates for the total project or in specific projects like lighting, including calculations of cost savings.


We offer solutions in time, within budget and focus on our customer’s satisfaction.