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Together with Parus Europe, Fospan has a focus on several greenhouse solutions that are innovative and proven.







Parus LED solutions

Together with Parus Europe, Fospan distributes the Parus LED systems, developed for horticulture in greenhouses

Light is one of the most important elements for growing and flowering of plants. With the introduction of LED lamps specially made for growing crops, we started a journey of innovation that completely changes the way we plant, grow and harvest.


Parus-Europe has been actively working on the development of LED’s to deliver and contribute to a sustainable environment in which healthy and fresh food remains affordable for everyone.

After a generation of growing with HPS lamps, LED lights bring a whole new range of opportunities to grow more effectively and efficient. Due to LEDs capacity to generate exactly the frequencies at which a plant responds, plants grow optimal and less energy is used.


Parus applies its knowledge and expertise in three specific segments; Consumer and Lifestyle, Horticulture, and Plant Factory solutions, also called multi layered farming. By supporting these segments, we provide innovative and affordable solutions for every farmer.


By utilizing special developed LED lenses and water-cooling, Parus provides low maintenance LED’s with an even light distribution. Using Parus LED’s makes it possible to realize an energy reduction of up to 60% compared to HPS lamps. Besides this the Parus LED lamps have a life span of more than 100.000 hours. This is equivalent to using LEDs for 15 years at 18 hours a day.


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It goes without saying that the right substrates form the basis of success for any plant. Fospan and their partners have done extensive research and testing of a diversity of methods to successfully cultivate plants in greenhouses and plant factory systems

Nowadays a diversity of substrates are used in greenhouses and plant factory systems. Apart from traditional soil a variety of alternatives like Rockwool, clay pebbles (Hydroton) coco coir, perlite and vermiculite are used. Aeroponics as substitute for traditional substrates is getting more and more in the news and hydro culture has proven its advantages in nutrient intake and use of additives.


To make the rights choice for substrates for indoor cultivation is indispensable since it is the substrate where plans grow. A wrong choice can compromise a job well done. The choice of a substrate or method is therefore one of the most critical and important choices a farmer needs to make.


Fospan delivers a variety of tested substrates or methods, depending on the preferences of the customer. Characteristics like root penetration resistance, rewetting rate, air and moisture characteristics, durability and phytoxicity are important. Also climate conditions and practical issues in cultivating, cost of equipment and/or labor, play a role in the decision making process that should support the ultimate goal to grow plants.


Each plant needs a main group macronutrients, the essential elements for growth. Apart from non-mineral elements like Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, there are mineral nutrients plants obtain from the soil of substrate used or added to hydro culture or Aeroponics systems.


The basic minerals are: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur.


Based on experience and a network of especially Dutch greenhouse farmers, Fospan has the ability to offer all kind of Nutrient solutions for different type of plants, even for (multilayer) plant factories

Multi layered culture

In close collaboration with Parus, Fospan delivers state of the art Hydrophonic or Aerophonic multilayered culture solutions.


With the right system in place it is nowadays possible to grow 365 days a year with consistent quality regardless of climate fluctuations. The Parus multilayer systems are the ideal balance between optimal lighting, cooling and durability.


Multilayered culturing while using Parus LED’s provides a faster and continuous production (reduce the growth time from 6 months to 25 days) without influence of climate and geological characteristics. This method means producing safe and hygienic vegetables as there is purification of pollutants (Ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide), reduces microorganism in the air.


That such systems increase productivity using the same space to a maximum, is obvious.


Smaller Multilayered systems are provided for seedlings, while complete greenhouses can be provided by art Hydrophonic or Aerophonic systems.


Download the multi layer brochure (English - Dutch)

Download the multi layer brochure (German - Dutch)

Plug and plant systems

Fospan can provide plug and play systems in containers which are fully equipped and ready for use.

The technology of PARUS was first applied and verified in the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and in the USA, all advanced agricultural countries.


These containers are completely equipped with PARUS, LED lighting systems, profiles, nutrient solution supply systems, and control systems, etc. and are completely independent of outside temperatures or circumstances. The PARUS plant containers are guaranteed regarding efficiency and stability. In these containers, the full company's long experiences, know-how and advanced technology is being used and PARUS guarantees the efficiency.


The grow containers are 40 foot reefer containers made from Aluminum. Also the floor is made of Aluminum, or if preferred of other materials, like Stainless Steel and are in accordance with ISO Standards. The containers can be used in outside temperatures from -50℃ to +50℃.



Based on our knowledge and experience we are pleased to support our customers’ world-wide in their projects. We offer for example customized and detailed lightning set-ups and design the lay-out of greenhouses in order to optimize professional horticulture.


We take pride in our precise planning to ensure that our customers not only get what they expect, but also get their solutions in time. We provide our customers with the most accurate costs estimates for the total project or in specific projects like lighting, including calculations of cost savings. 


We offer solutions in time, within budget and focus on our customer’s satisfaction.